Thursday, January 15, 2009

This damn movie...

I saw a movie on HBO the other night and haven't been able to shake it. I tivo'ed it bc it has one of my favorite actors in it - Nathan (Hottypants) Fillion - who was in Buffy, Firefly and some other bit parts in cult following type phenomenal dramas and also has some decent parts in movies to his credit. I think mainstream-wise he has recently been in that show 'Drive' that lasted like 4 episodes last year and in the show Brothers&Sisters which i have yet to catch. Anyway, he's really good - and frickin HOT.

I couldn't be happier having taped it based solely on getting to watch Nathan Hottypants for 2 hours. But much to my surprise (it also stars flippin Felicity... oh and Andy Griffith!) I hit the jackpot! I thought this movie was PHENOMENAL.

It's called 'Waitress' -- it absolutely qualifies as a chick flick but w/o the ultra happy and sappy bits that epitomize chick flicks. It deeply resonates with all things 'woman and love' but not in any feminist way nor perfect love story nor fairytale way - just in what is frighteningly real.

Anyway, I went to find out more about it - including what other movies the writer had done and found a tragedy belied it.

The writer/director Adrienne Shelley - many accolades - including for this movie - was an indie director - actually died while making the movie... actually -- was murdered.

There are a few other films she's written - though I've never heard of them.

Anyway, it's worth a netflix or trip to blockbuster. It so hit me that I *must* own it - for fear someday I might forget how wonderful it was, and then that it even existed...

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siridog said...

I'll check it out - I too have a little crush on Nathan Fillion. He plays a writer in a new show coming up on ABC.