Friday, February 13, 2009

'Things are gonna change, I can feel it'

'Soy un perdedor... I'm a loser baby so why don't ya kill? Get crazy w the cheesewhiz'
oh wait crap that's not where i was going w it... although on a sidebar - WTH does 'getting crazy w cheezwhiz' connote?

So this past few weeks I've been working w the padre to get tax stuff in order. Nice refund from state and really nice from federal - which makes me more comfortable in the money dept. Doesn't mean we'll have a wedding anytime soon but I feel less dire than I did a few weeks ago -- part of that also is bc our bonuses were just approved - PHEW! Though horrendous timing as it came out the same day that an entire peer team of mine was 'shut down.'
Ok so some updates on the Smoketree front --

Upstairs bath - Rob's been working to chip the tile away - nightmare! And it's still stinky and super slow work... the next layer is concrete. We got a referral from our realtor for a tile guy -- though as I asked folks at work about the issue a few of them had had to deal w it and in fact recommended NOT to do tile bc of maintenance but instead just drop in a shower inset and caulk around it. It'll still mean a lot of work chipping up the concrete and rest of the tile but... should save some money in the long run...

ALSO on a more exciting front is a craigslist bonanza!
We do NOT like our brick fireplace facade - too dark in a room that's already darker bc of wood paneling - and built ins flanking it - ALSO dark stained... we've kicked around the idea that some day we'd like to stone over it and make it a mtn lodgy look/feel instead - at minimum it should lighten up the room but bonus is that it gives a unique character and it fits in well w the decorating scheme and lots of wood... SO long story short I've been corresponding w a dude on craigslist who's actually working out of PA -- they do have a lot of stone there... He's a stone mason - has had a few jobs recently fall through so he has a surplus of materials and is willing to travel down and do our fireplace for under $600! SO I think that will be our 'big' home improvement project that I was mentally hoping we'd have something for w the refund and bonus money...
Here are the pics he sent of the stones that we liked. We're going for VA blue ridge mtn look - not so much granite quarry stone look...

Also lost 2 more lbs this week - grand total of 42. Having consistent trouble w solid breakfast - so I'm sticking now to yogurt or eggs... not uncommon and frankly not something that is particularly tragic to me :) yay!
I'll close w another song - mainly bc it's been stuck in my head the last few days - who KNOWS why - and surprisingly it is relevant...
'You take the good,
You take the bad,
You take them both and there you have the facts of life.
The facts of life.'
I think it might have been subconsciously linked to seeing this Robot Chicken ep.

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