Friday, December 19, 2008

End of week 2 -- 1 week of mushies down!

As of yesterday AM, I was down 3.5lbs on my first week of mushies. So we're down 23.5 lbs since beginning liver shrinking pre surgery -- which is 4 weeks ago. Woot!

This phase comes w its own unique challenges -- how do you make 60grams of protein out of 1.5 cups of mushy food????!!!!! How can you not count everything as mushy - I mean don't my teeth make solids mushies before swallowing?! Does 1 Xmas cookie really count?! :) I haven't strayed much - other than a few pringles (thanks Rob...) and 2 cookies... I did get the A OK at my checkup Weds. My incisions looked 'great' per the surgeon -- all 22 seconds of the appt...

Well my solution to the protein problem has been things like refried beans, tunafish salad, chicken (canned) salad... and I daresay I will go the way of deviled ham next week for some variety.

May no one decry potted meats until you've tried good ol Underwood Deviled ham - comes in a white paper wrapped can w a dancing devil on it. How could that be bad??!!!

I'm even bordering on pulling out my old favorite that I haven't had since I was a kid -- but sans the nutritionally worthless white bread WITH country crock AND mayo (Gammy was one for condiments) and a rip of iceberg lettuce --- LIVERWURST! I do believe I was the ONLY 6th grader packing Braunschweiger for lunch...

But I gotta say, it's pretty good stuff... I mean it's what - 1 rung below pate?! ;) I was mature for my age!

So I'm now tackling the issue of making room for more than just 1/2cup of protein for each meal. This is a challenge in that usually the protein is a lot tastier than the veggie - and if protein is the most important component for me on such small qtys - WHY make room for a veggie?? Well I just know it makes good nutriotional sense to... (and to keep taking my vitamins - which now must be in liquid and chewable forms for the most part - if they could only find a way NOT to make them horsepills I could swallow them!!) --

Which reminds me -- does anyone want unopened good for year+ new vitamins I can't use anymore??!!! Free to a good home!

Anyway, so I'm now pulling out the tablespoons for measurement -- there are 8 tblsp in a 1/2 cup - so I can make 2 or 4 of those veggies adn the rest protein.

It will also make me feel a little less of a dinner companion reject - bc I can also then have 'meals' again w Rob - rather than what we've been doing the last week -- of me pulling out some impossibly and depressingly TINY tupperware container of prepared protein and eating half of it for dinner.

I'm doing pretty well at pacing - and find it much more satisfying to eat at the kitchen table.

So all in all, I've begun to see the future - how this will become habit - along w some of the possible saboteurs I may also face. I'm pretty stoked - and feeling better and better about my decision daily!

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Megan Van Fleet said...

Yay! Can't wait to see you guys next week!