Friday, December 19, 2008

My Favorite Things - 2008

So if Oprah can do it, why can't I? Course my list won't end up boosting product sales the equivalent of a 3rd world country's GDP but... I do often find my most favorable experiences are bc of a friend's recommendation. And I'm always happy to share positive ones... (esp since I spend a lot more time bitching about the negative ones ;) )

Obviously there are eternal truths - that affected me specifically this year.

It has been a super eventful one!

1. Being your own landlord is always better than being someone else's tenant.

2. Trader Joe's IS the answer to life, the universe and everything. And thank Hermes (also God of Commerce and Markets) for one FINALLY in Richmond!!

3. Changing teams sometimes CAN make all the difference at work - and then consequently personally!

4. And sometimes admitting you can't do it all and you need help -- and then getting it -- can be one of the most liberating experiences in life.

5. And along the same lines -- truly no man is an island. Friends and family weave the best safety net.

Now onto the materialistic goodies...

Fave products of 2008

1. Method cleaning products. Bc bleach stinks and green is the new black. I like the mint window cleaner and lavendar AP cleaners esp. Ooo and microfiber towels - woot!

2. Greek Yogurt - generally. All of it -- full fat, partial fat and fat free. Why go through the trouble of making yogurt cheese or buying sour cream? This does it all. I esp like FAGE (pr. fayuhh)'s packs w cherry or honey in one compartment, yogurt in the other. OH and protein superior yogurt - so I can silence the voices in my head saying 'cottage cheese is a better snack' !!

3. Dove SkinVitalizer -- Vibrating Face Cleaner - ironically this I think is the frugal response to Oprah's Clairsonic fave thing back in 2007. That one will set you back like $200... this one sets you back $10. I keep reusing the facial cleaning pads w my own cleansers - and they last weeks that way too. NEVER has my face felt so smooth and clean.

And this link will save you $3.50 on it.

4. Serious Skin Care - CoQ10 day and night serums. I am now a convert of a nighttime regimen - including night cream too. The inventor - model turned skincare peddler - OH and incidentally Sylvester Stallone's WIFE!


Serious Skin Care - Dry Lo spot treatment. Stuff is pink like Calamine lotion - works overnight - and you can wear it under makeup!! Bye bye blackheads and zits.

Super good deals/packages found on HSN... ok yes FINE I admit it, I've shopped on TV - yikes!!sf!146

5. Aquafresh Whitetrays. I have been a conoisseur of home whitening since I was 15 - seriously. WAY before it was chic to use them - and no doubt when they weren't as safe as they are today. I recall getting a 'compliment' like 'wow your teeth are SO white - they look like they could glow in the dark.'

I've laid off for a few years - the strips I find annoying AND they give you peroxide burns on your fingers! I still think the best was the more permanent mouth trays you just refilled w bleacher but I'm not sure those are even around anymore...

enter these Whitetrays -- would give them a B+ (so better than avg and better than any other OTC treatment.) The trays don't go all the way back to your molars (who needs them white anyway?!) and the gunk is at the bottom of the trays so I'd argue they don't do well at the gumline to whiten that part of the tooth and in between... BUT they don't hurt to apply, they don't cause outrageous gag reflexes as you choke down saliva bubbling w peroxide. And they're well flavored. I wouldn't advise talking w them on - or going out in public w them on either. They're also a great way to prevent EATING ;)

$7 off coupon for em here --

An honorable mention goes out to good ol Campbell's Tomato Soup (not cream of just plain ol) -- I no longer find it too acidic when made w milk and it was my saving grace during all liquids! Warhol was right in memorializing it...

So - happy shopping! And perhaps you've found some stocking stuffer ideas... I'd advise *against* putting yogurt in the stockings - perhaps instead make it part of Xmas breakfast...


The Turner Family said...

You crack me up!!! Glad to see all is going well :)

MMH said...

I love that yogurt too.