Thursday, January 1, 2009

Band update

I'm a week into solids - another 1.5lbs down - woot! I'm having no nausea and really no trouble w any foods yet - but I am not full on my 1/2 cup. That said, I have no fluid in my band (which is what tightens it/restricts me more.)

I had my 4week checkup on Tuesday - went great - except for the 1.5hour wait in the office beforehand - astounding!! I am also now scheduled for a fill - which should address my fullness issues above - on January 12th!

I didn't end up getting any visitors post surgery - which bums me out A LOT... I'm also feeling like I'm begging to see folks - i.e. to get people to commit to making time for either a visit here or at their place or in honor of a new arrival, etc. I'm telling myself this is merely bc it is December (but it's not as though my schedule was tough - we're talking home all December - weekdays and weekends) and will get better as we settle into the cold, crappy and planless months of Jan/Feb. And I think the underlying problem is I'm just STIR CRAZY - I've never had this much time off since summer after my freshman year in HS! (And even then I had a season's pass to Busch Gardens and spent all my days there!)

But w Xmas soon afterward, we got a parade of folks visiting starting mid December - which was fun and exhausting. I'm also a little shocked that not a single visitor made their bed when they left!! I mean, really people?!

But I am also relieved to say I've now been able to have some wine and thus far do not appear to have the 'cheap date' syndrome - PHEW! ;)


NicM said...

Hey Kate -

Glad everything seems to be going well with the band. Sorry you were sad about the visitors - it was a really hectic time before the holidays hit, so i'm sure that made it hard for visitors. Hope to see you at work next week!


NicM said...

And i forgot to tell you that i have your new and improved - non-straw water bottle in the car waiting to give to you!

Jim Van Fleet said...

Beds that are made are more likely to collect DUST MITES OMG, so really we are just making your house healthier.

Kate McHugh said...

Someone's been reading their new Method book -- or hearing all about it from Megan :) I totally annoyed Rob w that INCESSANTLY! he made me stop reading it! I am soon going to tote the vacc upstairs and start vaccumming my mattresses!!