Friday, November 7, 2008

More info

Here's a video/pics of the band/procedure. It's 5 or fewer incisions - the largest of which is 1.5".

This is Johnson and Johnson's version (the 2nd now on the market) - basically designed the same as the 'Lap Band' - it has a lower 'profile' port - makes a difference when you're thin enough for it to possibly be seen - and has a TON of online support for post surgery - including monitoring, recipes, support groups, etc.

St Mary's also has weekly free support groups.

Those of you who know of my 'extended butt crack' from my laminectomy -- this'll be like a baby scar :) It also doesn't require anything - you can put bandaids on them if you want but not necessary - just wash w soap and water. Now THAT is a HUGE relief compared to the back surgery...

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