Friday, November 14, 2008

Progress... and the crappiest of timing... it figgers...

Progress! Yay! Timing -- BOO!

Got my date -- only thanks to USPS bc the surgery office sent it to the old address. Thank GOODNESS for whatever wonderful granny sits back there sorting change of address and importance for those COAs that are expired (ie MINE)

Date is December 5th. Oops make that December 4th - they had a cancellation and I literally got the call while I was posting about the date... haha... their loss, my gain which will eventually be my loss... yes punny i know...

Why that is great:
Thanksgiving will be during Liver Shrinking
Xmas will be during semi-soft phase

So I'm over the feasties BUT

Why it sucks:
Xmas Angel Tree shopping (w lunch) for work - during liver shrinking
Xmas party for work at Richbrau - night of surgery
Xmas mixer for UVA alums - night of surgery
Xmas party at Maggianos - also for work - 4 days after surgery (and while i'm still recovering)
Xmas party w friends - (tacky sweater - what a great idea?!) - day after release from hospy
Xmas party w friends - (ornament exchange - classic!) - week after surgery (recovery)

Love the timing... how murphy's law...

But I will say I haven't been much of the social butterfly I was when I was smaller - up in Arlington and first dating Rob. Last year we RSVP'ed to a party we bailed on last minute... we are both good at being hermits together... so reality is we'd probably bail on half these or show up to make an appearance (read: work parties) and then slyly slink out when no one is looking...

So I'll look at this as my last hermit holidays and make sure you guys REMIND me next year this time of this commentary :)

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