Thursday, November 27, 2008

Week 1 results

Down 12.5 lbs. I shit you not. Woohoo!

Makes it slightly more 'palatable' (ha) to not be gorging on turkey and fixins today. We still have plenty of thanks to celebrate all around so it's still a very Happy Thanksgiving.

We did light a fire at 8am and plan to spend the rest of the day stoking it.

In either case, it will be a lovely day off even sans gut busting tryptophan induced mid aftn coma!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Jim Van Fleet said...

Congrats--that's an awesome result! Like you said, at least the all-liquid hell was worth it! It's true-lots to be thankful for besides an overstuffed belly!

NicM said...

Fantastic! Thank goodness for some postitive reward! :-) Talk to you soon!

Ash said...

Thinking about you today since we're passing ships!!

Megan Van Fleet said...

Glad to hear it all went well! Keep your adoring fans and friends updated on how you're feeling!

Ash said...

Where's my update?!?! how are you feeling? are you home??